Wrexx 2

This is a picture of Wrexx with Pyroxx(Wrexx home planet) in the background.


This also is a Wrexx.

Mechatars Wrexx

Mechatars Wrexx

Wrexx, the red, raptor-like Mechatar, is the most savage and war-like of all the Mechatars. They come from the planet Pyroxx , a firey world full of volcanos and lava.

The Wrexx are a very proud species, and they think they are superior to the Alpha and Kodar. Wrexx, despite their arrogant personality, appreciate help from other Mechatars.

The Wrexx live their lives for the fight. Their battle-hunger causes them to tain constantly, prefecting their battle moves to dominate the Mechaverse.

The Wrexx do not care for the well being of Pyroxx and leave it to remain barren and primordial.                                                                                                                                                                                                          They also sometimes fly to the moon and sun.


Wrexx prefer these elements:


Strong against Darkkon and Cryon

Weak against Lumis and Aeros


Strong against Cryon and Lumis

Weak against Geos and Sonarus


Strong against Magmos and Darkkon

Weak against Cryon and Toxis

Health pointsEdit

Wrexx have medium health and have a minimum starter of 240 and maximum of 392. The Wrexx specialize in attacking and lowering their opponents health greatly.


Wrexx have an armor defense of 5, base damage of 5 and critical damage of 10.