Mechatars Kodar

Mechatars Kodar

The Kodar is the blue Mechatar known for their defence. Kodar are the largest of all the Mechatars in size. Kodar also resemble bears.

This is a Kodar

None of the Mechatars enjoy a good time as much as the Kodar. Kodar love to play around, training in

battles they call rumbles with their friends.

After a good rumbling, Kodar love just to relax and take it easy. But Kodar do not live lives of just playing and relaxing.

When a friend is in danger, Kodar will defend them with every inch of intimidating size and brawn. Kodar team together to defend their home planet, Glacius, a freezing cold world of ice and snow.


Cryon :

Strong against Lumis and Geos


This is a Kodar on its home planet-Glacius.

Weak against Magmos and Toxis

Sonarus :

Strong against Geos and Toxis

Weak against Aeros and Darkkon


Strong against Cryon and Lumis

Weak against Sonarus and Geos


Kodars have strong natural armor and the lowest starting HP is 280 and the highest starting HP is 415. Kodars are also the most defensive Mechatar, specializing in blocking attacks and outlasting their opponent.


Kodars have a base damage of 4, armor defense of 10 and critical damage of 4